Savtol 1 Liter


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Multi purpose antibacteria cleaner for walls, floors, worktops, paintwork, showers(mildew), bathrooms.


  • Effective against bacteria such as Salmonella ,E-coli and Shigella dysenteria.
  • Use to wash floors,tiles,paint work,kitchen and restaurant floors.
  • To neutralise offensive smell of drains,rubbish bins etc.


  • Dilute 1:140 parts water for general mopping, floors, tiles, paintwork, kitchens and restaurant floors.
  • Dilute 1:100 parts water for spraying in open areas to neutralise offensive smells of drains, rubbish bins, etc. and clean bathrooms, toilets and ablution blocks.
  • Wash area first and then disinfect at recommended concentration.

Proprietary names: Dettol

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