P - Island - Light Green 80 gram Disc (Recycle Formulation) (MOQ 12 Units)
    P - Island
    P - Island - Light Green 80 gram Disc (Recycle Formulation) (MOQ 12 Units)
    P - Island

    P-Island - Light Green 80 gram Disc (Recycle Formulation) (MOQ 12 Units)

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    P - Island - Light Green 80 gram Disc (Recycle Formulation) - Priced per 12 P-Islands

    A premium urinal accessory that eliminates splash, eradicates organics and malodours found in urinals and drain lines

    Malodour and poor hygiene in the men’s restroom is an age-old problem that, together with any evolution in urinals, has never really been adequately addressed – until now. Most urinal devices are ineffectual in as far as anti-splash, treatment of malodor (not masking malodor) and eradicating unwanted and harmful microorganisms.


    Bio-Enzyme Anti Splash Urinal Mat


    • Innovative angled pebble design reduces back-splash by as much as 90%

    • Releases a pleasant fragrance from the bio-enzyme disc which keeps a urinal and the surrounding areas smelling fresh for up to 30 days or 2000 flushes

    • The combination of a bio-enzyme tablet will prevent malodor from stale urine for up to 30 days

    • Unique ribbed and serrated-edge design prevents even the smallest debris falling into the urinal trap causing potential drain blockages

    • Safe installation - the soft material used allows for use in many urinal shapes and sizes

    • Sale disposal - product and all its packaging can be fully recycled

    • Combined use with Bio-Tech GTX, a bio-enzyme cleaning formulation, allows the discontinuation of conventional sanitizer

    • Universal design fits all styles of urinals

    • The serrated edge and rib design allows urinal to flush quickly

    • Unique anti-slip polymer feature keeps the device in an optimum position in the urinal

    • Suitable for conventional, waterless and trough type urinals

    • The most cost-effective product on the South African market

    P-Island Application Guide Datasheet.pdf

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