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Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid 5liter
Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid
Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid 5liter
Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Auto

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We Mean Clean.

Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Auto has the power you need to fight tough grease and get squeaky-clean dishes. Our dishwashing liquid packs twice the punch, using half the liquid to clean more dishes and it’s gentle on your hands too. 

It contains no phosphates, has fewer surfactants and is powered by revolutionary technology comprising three active enzymes that deliver clean dishes while preventing fat, oil and grease build-up in the drain. Technically the most advanced multi-enzyme dishwashing detergent in Africa.

Odorite™ Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is a fully formulated concentrate that is arguably the most technologically advanced in Africa, designed for both household and commercial/ industrial use. 


Multi-Enzyme Dishwashing Liquid - super degreaser auto wash in bulk 5liter or 25liter.

Although automatic dishwashers are common in many homes today, manual dishwashing (MDW) is still quite prevalent. In fact, even in homes with a dishwasher, pots, pans, and other kitchenware often still need scrubbing or soaking before becoming completely clean – and MDW detergents are commonly added to the soak; but most people perceive dishwashing and soaking processes as tedious and laborious. Enzymes in MDW detergents can take significant scrubbing effort out of the manual dishwashing process and dramatically increase the effectiveness of soaking by more than 50%, while still respecting skin sensitivity and removing even the most stubborn burnt on food soils. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly active - only small amounts of dishwashing liquid required
  • Remains highly active in both hard and soft water, and in warm or cold water
  • Phosphate free
  • Free rinsing - dishes can be left to air dry without streaking
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Contains a pleasant, fresh fragrance
  • Will not dry out your hands and skin
  • Contains no caustic
  • Anti-rust compound prevents rusting/pitting on metals
  • Bio-friendly (biocide) preservative system
  • Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Contains enzymes and plant-based surfactants:
  • Protease – breaks down proteins (e.g. meat, excreted/secreted proteins) into amino acids.
  • Lipase – breaks down fats/grease into fatty acids and glycerol. If not broken down, fats can go rancid and lead to off-odors and blocked drains/fat grease traps.
  • Amylase – starch acts as a glue for dirt – amylases catalyze the break-down of starch into sugars.
  • Plant-based surfactants


Alkyl Poly Glucoside, Soft Water, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol Ethoxylate (C9-C11), Neutralised Sulphonic Acid – 22%,10% 1,2-Benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, Green Colourant, Lauryl Amine Oxide, Lemon Dish, Alpha - Amylase, Lipase, Protease, Sodium Sesqucarbonated


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