Odorite Fem Fresh 20 gram Sachet
    • Odorite Fem Fresh 20 gram Sachet
    • Odorite Fem Fresh 5kg bin
    • Odorite Fem Fresh 20 gram Sachet (MOQ 100 Sachets)

    Odorite Fem Fresh 100 x 10 gram Sachet (MOQ 100 Sachets)

    Sanitary Bin Solution

    Organic Female Sanitation Bin freshener and Sanitiser rapid degradation of organics and malodour)

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    Fem Fresh is a dry formulation for the biological control of odours associated with solid wastes contained in sealed sanitary bins.

    There is a wide range of potential applications including:

    • Wide range of sanitary bins (sanitary towels, tampons, diapers etc)
    • Medical waste bins
    • Kitchen and domestic waste bins
    • Skips and compactors


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