Odorite All in One Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaner

    Odorite All in One Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaner

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    • A premium four enzyme cleaning product that eliminates organics found on surgical instruments Multi-enzyme detergent – pre-disinfection agent Odorite All-in-One Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaner is a pre-treatment cleaning agent for use in recovering all reusable, immersible (surgical/medical) instruments prior to disinfection.

    The multi-enzyme action provides rapid results when used in soaking trays, ultrasonic baths or scope washing units.



    Odorite All-in-One Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaner is non-toxic and all ingredients are biodegradable. As such, it is free from

    aldehydes, chlorine or any known carcinogenic agents.


    • Removes blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches and proteins from surgical instruments and scopes in as little as 5 minutes.
    • The product is designed to clean under difficult conditions where instruments are heavily contaminated, functions in both soft and hard water conditions and is effective in cold water systems (minimum 10C – max 40C).
    • Reduces bacterial burden prior to disinfection and leaves instruments clean and bright.
    • Leaves scopes and instruments free of any unpleasant odours. 


    • Rapid cleaning
    • Neutral pH
    • Free rinsing
    • All ingredients are biodegradable
    • Safe for all surgical instruments and scopes
    • Concentrated
    • Low foam detergent formula
    • Easy to rinse
    • Ease of use
    • Safe for operator
    • Will not harm any metals, plastic, rubber or insertion tubes
    • Economical


    Odorite All-in-One Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaner contains anti-corrosion factors but contact corrosion should be avoided by separated stainless steel from non-stainless steel instruments and treated separately

    For Professional use only

    • Liquid concentrates to be diluted prior to use
    • Irritating to the eyes
    • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
    • Wear suitable gloves according to standard procedure
    • Store in dry conditions
    • Unsuitable for use with aluminium Supplementary


    • Odorite All-in-One Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaner is suitable for use with flexible and rigid scopes and designed for use with standard brushing procedure with manual cleaning techniques
    • Surgical instruments should ideally be pouched after cleaning and prior to autoclaving or after the disinfection treatment
    • Scopes should be stored in pouches of suitable length and closure after disinfection procedure
    • Sponges and wipes should be used as supplementary cleaning devices 

    Odorite All-in-one 4 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaner Datasheet

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