Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Liquid 5 Liter
    Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Liquid
    Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Liquid 5 Liter
    Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Liquid

    Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Liquid

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    Multi-Enzyme Liquid Laundry Detergent - Six enzyme laundry detergent

    Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent is a granulated, multienzyme laundry detergent solution allowing high wash performances at low temperatures. Odorite Ultra Plus contains a blend of six different enzymes, each offering primary stain removal and/or secondary wash effects such as whiteness/anti-redeposition, colour care, and fabric care. The six enzymes work together, exhibiting extra power when removing complex stains such as blood, candy, chocolate, coffee, tea, deodorant, dirt, fruit juice, grass, gravy, ink, ketchup, lipstick, oil, pollen, poop, salsa, sweat, wax, and wine. 


    • Extremely effective all-around stain removal and whitening effect, even at low temperatures
    • An easy-to-use pre-formulated blend; only one preparation needs to be added to any wash - Odorite performs like a turbo-charge booster for your laundry
    • Highly cost-effective, environmentally friendly, sustainability-enhancing solution at low temperatures
    • Can be used in cold or warm water wash - reducing energy consumption
    • Biodegradable formula - after washing the surfactants and enzymes will break down and can be absorbed back into nature
    • Contains no added phosphorus
    • Low in sodium and therefore grey water suitable
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