Odorite Ultra Deep Clean 10X (Biological) Concentrate GreenWorx - 1

Odorite Ultra Deep Clean 10X (Biological) Concentrate

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Concentrated Bio-Enzyme Deep Clean and Deodiriser

Bio-enzyme plus eco surfactant fat oil and grease cleaning technology for food processing industry

Utilising floor and hard surface cleaning technology with emc2 (extended microbial cleaning capability), double-action Odorite DeepClean is the latest innovation in cleaning technology. The patent-pending, advanced formulation technology for removing greasy soils provides superior, immediate cleaning of surface soils, comparable to industrial-strength floor cleaners. The bio enzymatic action penetrates deep into the pores of the surface to attack and remove embedded residual soils.



• Specifically designed for cleaning floors and hard surfaces

• Deep-cleans floors and grout by removing the grease and grime that collects in the pores of the floor surface

• Eliminates the greasy floor coating that causes slipperiness

• Improves freshness by controlling odours from residual organics packed into irregular floor surfaces

• Eliminates the need for rinsing after mopping

• Degrades residual organic soils that help support insects and other unwanted pests

• Eradicates potential harmful microorganisms

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