Odorite Ultra Bio Floor & Tile Auto Scrubber 5l

Odorite Ultra Bio Floor & Tile Auto Scrubber

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Concentrated Bio-Enzyme Floor and Tile Scrub (Auto Scrubber)

Multi-purpose enzyme formulation concentrate.

This product lifts the old grease and grime, showing the first sign that it is working. The bio-enzymes work to break apart the build-up of grease and organic waste on the floor and grout. A significant improvement in the floor’s appearance will be apparent after the first wash, mop or scrub, and employees will notice improved traction (less slippage) than before.


Concentrated Bio-Enzyme Floor and Tile Scrub (Auto Scrubber)

Common applications include cleaning floors for quick service, restaurants, schools and industrial cafeterias, long term care and hospitals, grocery store floors (behind the counter) and floors in food processing plants. It eliminates biofilm (the feeding and breeding sources for pests) and will out-compete potentially harmful bacteria for the same food source. With routine cleaning, the effect is enhanced with each application until floors are truly deep cleaned.

Odorite Ultra Bio-Floor and Tile Floor & Tile Auto Scrubber

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