Microzyme Surfclean Concentrate 10X FF
    • Microzyme Surfclean Concentrate 10X FF - 5 Liter
    • Odorite P-Disc+Holder 80 gram (MOQ 12 Domes

    Microzyme Surf Clean for Hydrocarbon 10X FF Concentrate

    Odorite Surfclean Concentrate 10 X FF A unique bio-enzymatic formulation for cleaning hydrocarbons (Oil, petrol, diesel, and grease) form all surfaces

    On all surfaces, oily stains are often complex mixtures of automotive or maintenance products. Odorite Surf Clean contains a blend of microbes developed to break down these oily compounds. Combining the residual effects of patented bio-enzymatic technology with patent-pending surfactant technology provides a product that is both safe and powerful. Odorite Surf Clean sets a new standard for cleaning concrete and other surfaces and is truly unique among cleaning and maintenance products.

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    • A visually cleaner garage floor and driveway with less effort
    • Enhance the office, factory and your home’s curb appeal with a fresh, clean sidewalk
    • Deep-clean tough stains in the workshop, factory garage, and basement with a product that is safer for family and pets than the chemical alternatives
    • More effective than a solvent-based product, yet is safe to use and friendly to the environment
    • Use one product for a wide range of cleaning applications including garage floors, basements, outdoor furniture, tools, and equipment.
    • Non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable cleaner
    • Contains virtually no volatile organic compounds (no toxic odours)
    • Non-corrosive and non-irritating

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