Microzyme 'FOG Free Bulk (Grease Traps) - 5kg

Microzyme FOG Free Bulk (Grease Traps)

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Bio-Enzyme degradation of Fats Oils and Grease in fat traps

Organic wastes and wastewater from meat-producing operations are usually treated in a “pre-treatment” process before being discharged into the sewer. This is done to reduce sewer charges by lowering the Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biological Oxygen Demand (the amount of inorganic and or organic material in the wastewater).

To allow this type of pre-treatment process operates properly, you require:

• The correct consortium and ratio of bacteria / bio-enzymes to be introduced into the system

• Agitation – to mix, break down any solids

• Aeration – to optimize bacteria activity

The key to the proper operation of this type of pre-treatment is time. The special consortium of bacteria and enzymes in Fog Free work much faster and more efficiently than ordinary bacteria, but they still require time to digest the waste. The longer the retention time, the more organic matter will be digested, and the lower the COD and BOD of the effluent water. Thus, retention time is the most critical factor in determining how much of the products must be used in a regular treatment program.

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