Bio Tech GTX 20 NF Concentrate 5 Liter or 25 Liter
    • Bio Tech GTX 20 NF Concentrate 5 Liter or 25 Liter
    • Bio Tech GTX 20 NF Concentrate - 5 Liter
    • Bio Tech GTX 20 NF Concentrate - 25 Liter

    Bio Tech GTX 20 NF Concentrate

    20 times 'Concentrated Fully Formulated bio-enzyme formulation with 6 enzymes for cleaning and odour control (General purpose all surfaces) 

    Bio-Tech GTX concentrates are liquid bacterial concentrates that can be used for onward manufacture of products offering a high bacterial specification, multi-strain, spore-based product for use in grease traps and drain maintenance applications. These products are specifically formulated for grease traps, heavy-duty drain line maintenance, wastewater treatment and the degradation of animal fats and vegetable oils in solid or liquid form. 

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    A consortium of high bacterial specification, multi-strain, spore-based concentrate formulas for onward manufacture.


    • Most formulators have the capability of producing liquid products; these products allow formulators to have a presence in the lucrative biological grease trap product market without extensive specialist knowledge

    • The most common ‘bio’ products in the industrial, institutional and consumer markets are liquids - the GT concentrates series is designed specifically for this use • Simple format that can easily be diluted in water, while a simple dilution format allows for easy calculation

    • Concentrates are easy to handle and store

    • Highly effective and proven natural technology

    • Reduces the requirement and frequency of mechanical treatment to unblock drains due to grease build-up

    • The product can be sold to service companies to be retailed as part of their regular maintenance service programs

    • Grease is partially degraded by the time it reaches treatment plants, reducing system overload 

    - NF = Non-formulated
    - Improving septic and waste degradation
    Cleaning and odour control
    - making this product technologically the most advanced on the South African market.

    Bio-Tech GTX 20 NF Concentrate DATASHEET

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