Spray Buff 5 Liter
    • Spray Buff 5 Liter

    Spray and Buff

    This product is a quick-drying polymer floor dressing for vinyl or tiled floors.

    Remove scuffs, Repair marks to leave a high shine floor.

    For best results use rotary polisher with red pads. Spray & Buff is a quick-drying polymer floor maintenance product to maintain floors previously coated with Cleaning warehouse tile brite.

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    • First, wash the floor with cleaning warehouse tile cleaner and wait to dry.
    • Spray cleaning warehouse spray buff undiluted with a spray bottle evenly onto the floor while buffing the floor with a buffing machine, using a red buffing pad.
    • Ensure that the spray bottle sprays without dripping.
    • Spray buff will repair marks and remove scuffs on the floor while restoring the original shine of your "tile brite" coated floor.
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