Driveway Cleaner 1 Liter
    • Driveway Cleaner 5 Liter

    Driveway Cleaner

    Industrial strength alkaline-based product to effectively remove oil/diesel and grease from tar, cement and concrete surfaces.

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    • Use undiluted for the best result but do not use undiluted on painted surfaces
    • Wet heavy soiled spots with the product and scrub immediately with a stiff brush or broom into a light foam and wait 5-10 minutes.
    • Scrub again and rinse
    • To clean large areas dilute 1:5 wet entire area.
    • Scrub into a light foam and wait 5-10 minutes. scrub with a stiff broom or brush and rinse.
    • For painted surfaces dilute 1:10 repeat if necessary.
    • Repeat if necessary
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