Descaler 1 Liter
    • Descaler 1 Liter


    Descaler removes limescale from Kettles, Irons, Dishwashers, and general bathroom surfaces.

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    1. Fill kettle with water until the element is covered

    2. Add 100ml of descaler(250-500ml for urns).

    3. Biol content in the kettle and switch off after boiling.

    4. Leave for a maximum of 5 minutes and pour it into the drain.

    5. Rinse with cold water.

    6. Boil kettle once with clean water to remove any traces of cleanser.

    7. Repeat if necessary.


    1. Pour 100ml descaler into iron and fill with water.

    2. Heat as normal and iron on a cold cloth until no discharge of scale is visible.

    3. Rinse with cold ware.


    1. Check that the machine is empty.

    2. Pour 500ml descaler into the bottom of the machine and not into the dispenser.

    3. Select the longest wash cycle without pre-rinse and allow the machine to complete the cycle.

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