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Mega Scrub 500g

Mega Scrub 500g

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Hard Surface Multi Purpose Household Cleaner 500g

A rich cleaning paste for use on almost any surface by cutting through tough grease and oil. Results is a incredible high shine finish.

Clean brass, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, steel, tiles, ceramics, worktops, minor scratches on vehicle paint or removing of dead bugs from bumper/bonnets.

  • Kitchen areas: Stoves, Ovens,Stainless sinks,Glass,Tile,Enamel,Porcelain,Chrome,Counter tops,Pots and Pans.

  • Bathrooms: Baths,Basins,Toilet,Shower,Mirrors,Tiles,Chrome

  • GENERAL:Brass and Metal


  • Apply directly to surface or put onto damp cloth or sponge and apply.
  • Wipe clean and rinse.
  • Replace lid.
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