Why Green is the Smart Choice to Protect the Environment and Improve your Health:

We sometimes assume what buying cleaning products from popular brands to clean our homes or businesses are safe. But in fact, many popular household products are dangerous and toxic. Learn more about the products, before you buy or store them under your kitchen sink, and how to replace them with Greener, Safer, more natural options that really work. The primary function of cleaning is to reduce residue (such as dirt, dust, bacteria, and moulds) from any surface area.  Worldwide consumers use millions of litres of general-purpose cleaner, that contains a variety of toxic chemicals to clean their living or working space.  The obsession to have a 'germ-free' environment started the development of more potent cleaning agents, without considering the consequences of these landing up on landfills or water resources and the long-term effect on our environment. 

The average household is bombarded with advertising to buy this or that product to clean things, but forget to mention how dangerous these really are for their health or environment.

Benefits of Green Cleaning Solutions

Most Green products works, because of its makeup of specially selected bacteria and natural enzymes to break down dirt and grease into organic nutrients, which are safely broken down, released and bio-degradable. The key benefits are that these products are not poisoning our atmosphere, does not pollute water systems, and much safer to humans that get exposed to it.   This increases safety and productivity while reducing staff absenteeism.  Also, the more regularly these products are used, the more effective they become to preserve not just the area being cleaned, but also promote a cleaner, safer environment. 

These products are endorsed with ISO 14001SABS 1828Green Tag or Green Building Council (GBCSA) Certificates and thoroughly tested/evaluated by companies that are compliant to International Standards, such as the South African Buro of Standards(SABS)

Where Can Green Products Be Used? 

There are a variety of Green Products available for specific areas, it's function and conditions.  The products must be suitable for floors, carpets, surfaces, special purposes, laundry, and dish-washing cleaners and detergents, septic tanks, grease traps as well as hygiene and odour control products for restrooms. The products are ideal for homes, businesses, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, food manufacturers, cleaning contractors, sanitation and hygiene companies, facilities management companies, engineering plants, wastewater treatment operations, shopping malls, and restrooms.

The volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) contained in the products enter our indoor air and lungs as we use them, and many other ingredients are easily absorbed through our skin. They also indirectly affect our long-term health when they pollute our waterways. Increasingly these chemical compounds are being associated with allergies and other common diseases that are growing in society. The increased use of chemical cleaning products has placed a significant burden on the environment in terms of wastewater loading and subsequent treatment, the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resource consumption and disposal of packaging materials.No one can avoid all exposure to chemicals altogether, but it is possible to reduce it significantly, by knowing what to look for.

Watch Out for Some Major Active Components in General Purpose Cleaners

Phthalates(Many fragranced household products), Perchloroethylene or “PERC” (Dry-cleaning solutions, spot removers and upholstery cleaners), Triclosan(Liquid dishwashing detergents and most antibacterial hand soap, Quarternary Ammonium Compounds, or “QUATS”(Fabric softeners liquids or household cleaners that say "antibacterial", 2-Butoxyethanol (Window, Kitchen and multi-purpose cleaners), Ammonia(Floor Cleaners, Polishing agents), Chlorine (Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Mildew removers, laundry whiteners, Municipality tap water, scouring Powders), Sodium Hydroxide(Oven Cleaners, Drain Openers), Surfactants,  Solvents,  Bleaches, and Compounds, Phosphates.

These components contribute to further degrading of our environment and increase negative effects on living organisms.

Beware of Greenwashing

Any cleaning product that proclaims to be “green,” “natural” or “biodegradable,” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s non-toxic or in compliant.  

When looking at buying or using Green products, look for proof and specific certifications such as ISO14001SABS1828Green Tag or Green Building Council Certificate(GBCSA) and that they have been tested/evaluated by companies that are compliant to International Standards, such as the South African Buro of Standards(SABS).

One of the emerging technologies for the cleaning industry that we find very exciting is bio-enzyme technology. Also known as “biological” cleaning products, they provide clear win-win benefits for both cleaning businesses and the environment. Biotechnology cleaning products are based on enzymes and certain types of friendly bacteria, which are found in every living organism. They are nature’s tools — they are biodegradable proteins that speed up vital biological processes. For example, enzymes in our stomach cut food into smaller pieces so it can be transformed into energy. When enzymes are finished with their job, they are absorbed back into the environment.

Enzyme-based cleaners are increasingly being used instead of synthetic chemicals throughout the cleaning industry: in food preparation, hospitality health care, factories, schools, jails, sporting venues, and other large public facilities. They are used to clean and deodorize carpets, kitchens, and bathrooms, eliminate grease from cracks, grout, and hard floors, and even to keep urinals smelling fresh. They remove deposits in pipes, clear drains, keep pipelines free-running and odour-free.

Why Use Bio-Enzymes to Clean Instead of Synthetic Chemicals

Bio-enzymes perform better, they are completely bio-degradable, which reduces your waste stream and safer for the environment and your health.  Among the many benefits of using bio-enzymes are their safety, long-lasting cleaning ability, and cost-effectiveness. They go beyond cleaning well — the microbes continue to eliminate residual organics after the job is done and the cleaner has left. And, using them can reduce the risk, regulatory headaches and potential liability associated with using more hazardous chemicals.

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions is South Africa's leading developer and manufacturer of green cleaning products that are kind to people and the environment. The Range is based on proven, world-class eco-friendly solutions that are capable of eliminating all forms of dirt and grime without using harmful chemicals or damaging our fragile ecosystem. Green Worx is a proudly South African company that formulates products to tackle everyday cleaning challenges that are experienced in homes, businesses and the environment as a whole. Many of these formulations and designs are first in South Africa. Green Worx also works closely with some of the world’s leading innovators of green cleaning technology. This means that they can deliver highly effective bio-enzyme technology products that are environmentally responsible, get the job done and are very cost-effective compared to traditional chemicals.

Managed Care Economical Solutions, based in Johannesburg South Africa, is a leader in industrial cleaning enzymes and microorganisms. They source bacteria and enzymes by aligning themselves with world leaders in the field that cultivate microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. This is where biotechnology comes in — since the perfect microorganism is so hard to find these world-class scientists combine the best traits of more than one organism. These scientists can adjust DNA sequences to make new enzymes. MCES’s enzymes are not only used in the cleaning industry, but also found in maintaining septic tanks, industrial treatment, and wastewater plants. Enzymes are a wonderful example of how much we can gain by modelling our products on nature. We believe these and other products that use nature as the formulation guide will become the core ingredients for the industry going forward.

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