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Top Quality General Household and Industrial Cleaning Products

Top Quality General Household and Industrial Cleaning Products, Experience of more than a decade. Their Product range is Cost-effective and Quality guaranteed.  Cleaning Warehouse offers a comprehensive range of cleaning products & equipment for any type of dirt, surface, facility and/or application.

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Brand: Cleaning Warehouse

Mega Scrub 500g

Hard Surface Multi-Purpose Household Cleaner 500g A rich cleaning paste for use on almost any surface by cutting through tough grease and oil. Results are an incredible high shine finish. Clean brass, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, steel, tiles, ceramics, worktops, minor scratches on vehicle paint or removing of dead bugs from bumper/bonnets....

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Brand: Cleaning Warehouse

Handy Kleen

Ammoniated multi purpose cleaner with micro particles that raidly cuts through grease and fat residue. If you have a tough grease stain, go for a cream degreaser such as Handy Kleen Super. This stays on the stain for longer and will dislodge more of the build-up as a result.

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Brand: Cleaning Warehouse

Dishwash Delux

The ultimate super-concentrated liquid detergent dish wash liquid or superb general purpose cleaner. Cuts through grease even in cold water clean glassware without leaving stains/streaks. Safe for use with septic tanks.A highly concentrated liquid detergent. Mild and gentle on your skin. Cleans dishes and glasses without leaving any stain.

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