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Scouring Aids
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Scouring Aids

Sponges and scouring pads are cleaning aids or accessories. They are popular household items used to make cleaning jobs easier and quicker.

Typical applications:
Sponges can be used to clean up spills or to remove marks from wallpaper and drywall without any chemical intervention. They are commonly used within kitchens to clean dishes.   Scouring pads can also be used to clean utensils and lift the surface on floors and other surfaces.
Sponges are typically made from plastic polymers, microfibre and cellulose fibres. They are porous, meaning that they are excellent at absorbing water or liquid solutions. Some sponges are combined with scouring pads to make them suitable for a wider range or more robust applications. Dry sponges are also available. These are made from rubber, non-porous and can be used on surfaces that are not able to deal with liquids. Sponges can be of different sizes, shapes, and colours.
Scouring pads:
Scouring pads are a hand-held abrasive cleaning accessory constructed from a metal or plastic mesh. When choosing a scouring pad, you must consider the surface that it will be used on. For example, some scouring pads can easily damage anti-stick coatings on cookware. Non-scratch scouring pads are available.

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