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Keep your kitchen clean with kitchen trash bags and compactor bags. They are easy to tie with a drawstring closure so you can transport your trash outside with no mess left behind. Some bags come in both scented and unscented versions which are designed to carry loads without tearing. No matter what type of kitchen trash you have, you will find the suitable product here.   If you looking for plastic bags to preserve or freeze food, or bags for trash then you might just find it here. 

A bin bag, also known as a refuse bag, is a type of storage for waste items including household waste or industrial.   The bin bag works by being placed into a container, usually a waste bin and is emptied if and when needed, typically when it is full.

Look for the following Features and benefits when selecting bags;

  • Strong anti-tear plastic
  • Protects from odours and spillages (preventing harmful germs and bacteria)
  • Range of colours including yellow, red and black (perfect for food industries wishing to segregate food waste and raw waste)
  • Range of capacity, height, and width
  • Convenient handles for easy extraction and tying (varies from product to product)

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